CSI Rolls Out First DDRV in the UK

1 May 2012

SHEFFIELD (1 May 2012) — CSI is delighted to announce the launch of its first Data Destruction Recycling Vehicle (DDRV) in the UK. The DDRV can be deployed at customer sites anywhere in the UK and Europe and offers the ultimate solution for securing your data at the disposal stage. The DDRV contains two shredding devices that will shred a variety of media to either 30mm or 6mm, depending on the client’s requirement.

The DDRV model has already been highly successful for the CSI group in North America where a fleet of DDRVs operate every day. Sister company EPC, Inc. launched its first DDRV in 2008 and now runs multiple DDRVs across the U.S. and Canada, shredding thousands of hard drives every month.

Protecting data at the disposal stage is vital, given that a single breach of sensitive data can leave an organisation open to bad publicity, legal action and even fines. It is however an often overlooked area of IT security, although many companies are beginning to realise the importance of a strong disposal policy for their data. CSI’s DDRV is the solution to this growing problem.

In addition to shredding hard drives, the DDRV can also process CDs, DVDs, tape media, mobile phones, PDAs and many other storage devices. For extra peace of mind, the DDRV is fitted with a video camera which records the shredding process and is complete with a scanning system which logs the details of every item shredded. A certificate of destruction including serial numbers can be provided to customers once the process is complete.

“We are thrilled to be expanding the scope of our business and I’m sure there will be a strong take-up of our DDRV service,” said Barry Naylor, co-managing director of CSI Leasing UK. “We’ve all seen adverse reports in the press about data leakage and organisations can minimise their risk by ensuring sensitive information is destroyed,” Naylor added.

There has been significant interest in the DDRV with a wide variety of organisations expressing an interest in the new service following discussions with existing clients, including government bodies, law firms, FTSE companies among others. Orders have already been taken with the first jobs due to take place throughout spring 2012.